I bought my house in September a few years back and because it got cold out pretty quickly that year, I couldn’t do much to the small patio area off the kitchen. I did have months to stare at it and swear I would make it pretty. It was so boring! Gray cinder block with moss and the neighbors ivy creeping over the wall. I was out there the first warm weekend, and the next eight weekends after that. I really wanted to hide the grooves between the bricks. I felt that if I just painted without filling in the grooves, it would look like elementary school or Costco walls.

I bought some tools and quickcrete and hoped for the best. I called it “mucko” – mock stucko. I originally was going with a combination of “faux” and “stucko” but that just sounded naughty!  I had cuts, sores, bruises, sunburn, and I was exhausted. But I think it was all worth it.

Patio Before and After

34939_10150236105945393_722031_n 34728_10150236106090393_3142482_n 34887_10150236106000393_6892037_n 33391_10150236106165393_3273947_n 36389_10150236105980393_5617468_n 37301_10150236105925393_3648975_n 35828_10150236106060393_1338928_n 33428_10150236106215393_5312_n 34056_10150236106300393_5241991_n 34278_10150236106245393_742870_n 36205_10150236106370393_6705064_n 37280_10150236106540393_5323648_n 1916892_10150236106430393_7333845_n 1916255_10150236106690393_6368196_n 36345_10150236106470393_1562882_n 36669_10150236106565393_5165138_n 35806_10150236106510393_742933_n 36640_10150236106315393_4901014_n 36747_10150236106485393_7856175_n 35734_10150236106685393_7411102_n 35786_10150236106635393_5238682_n Patio

One thought on “Patioooooh

  1. I love this transformation! I really enjoy outdoor oasis and you have sure created one here. I do DIY’s as well. Happy DIYing and Stay Safe!


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