Welcome back, Mama!

The day Reegan was born!

It’s been more than a bit since I’ve had free time to look at my site, nearly three years! Life has been complicated, wonderful, and unpredictable.

I was pregnant for most of 2017 and welcomed our baby girl, Reegan, in November that year.

Most of 2018 and 2019 are a blur between being half asleep for a large portion of the pregnancy and then not sleeping at all for the last two years. (Seriously, does teething ever end?!?). More about Reegan coming soon here.

I also had many projects keeping me tied up at work for the last few years and changed roles and departments few times. Some exciting work that I am abundantly proud of was launched this summer and I hope it lives on and inspires that company’s employees.

I now find myself in the position of not having a position for the first time since I started working at my parents bed and breakfast when I was about 9 years old. I turned 39 earlier this week, so that means I’ve been working for 30 years. No wonder I’m tired!

I frequently stalked all the big job sites and rewrote my resume about 200 times trying to figure out where I excel, what I enjoy, and how to sell myself to my next employer.

So what have I been up to? I took some time this summer to be with family and create marvelous memories with Reegan and Ryan by creating experiences at places like the zoo, aquarium, and Sesame Place. We also visited my family in Rhode Island and his family at the Jersey Shore.

I also did a mini-makeover on our powder room, made some fun craft projects, refinished a table, and cleaned out the basement thanks to a new storage unit.

It’s been a fun summer, but now it’s fall, and even though I’m not in school (and haven’t been in about 15 years) something about the weather finally getting below 95 degrees makes me want to crack the spine on a marble notebook and start illuminating with a fancy new highlighter. I’ve been taking a ton of enrichment and PMI credit courses through LinkedIn learning. It’s really refreshing to learn new things, expand my skills, and feel like I’m stretching my mental muscles again.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be posting more projects and a ton of kid photos in the next few weeks. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any leads on hot jobs that could be a good match for my skills.

As always, thank you for hanging out with my thoughts for a bit. Hope you had fun!


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