Soy Candles – Wedding Place Cards/Gifts

My wedding day was two years ago this week, so I thought I would post about a fun wedding idea that we had for our special day. One of the first projects we started was making small soy candles to be used as a combination place card and gift for our guests. I had made soy jar candles in the past but never in a large quantity at once – it was quite an undertaking! But not all that much work. It took a few hours after work each night for about a week or so to make the 60 candles after we had figured out the right recipe of wax to color to scent.

I ordered a few scent samples from the wax company before I placed the order for the large bottles.  This part was a lot of fun – I felt like a celebrity designing my own perfume.  I wanted a light floral scent so I combined Lilac and Lilly of the Valley with a touch of Spring Rain.  The scent of the candles filled the reception area at the wedding and it was a nice affect with the fresh flowers that were on display.  Each batch of candles (we made about 6 at a time) was a slightly different shade than the next so it had a nice variation or color.  We also added some pink and silvery gray ribbons around the base of the jars to go with our wedding colors.  The labels matched our invitations.

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