Boutique display in a closet (from a China cabinet!)

Last summer when Ryan and I were visiting his family at their shore house, we saw a china cabinet in their backyard and asked why it was out there.  They told us they were planning on throwing it out since they had just purchased two matching cabinets to replace this one.  As they were talking, all I heard was “Free Cabinet!”.  We loaded it in the car and brought it home.  A few days later, I sanded, primed, and painted a bright bluish color – almost like a Tiffany blue.  I also bought some paintable wallpaper at Lowe’s and attached it to the doors using double stick tape incase I didn’t like it. The knobs also came from Lowe’s. It now sits in my closet proudly holding perfumes, purses, jewelry, and boots. I love that it looks like a display case, it makes me feel like I’m shopping in my own closet!

Project Cost: $85 ($40 for paint and primer, $20 for wallpaper, $25 for knobs)


10307198_10154307989565393_7177361590012939402_n 10435135_10154307989710393_2566811072064963523_n 10405270_10154307989945393_5165635209526968639_n 10402657_10154307989850393_939915937414205925_n 10407066_10154307990070393_8822918262415906708_n 10264404_10154307990395393_6970587327986102365_n 10361508_10154307990215393_1527493311672713196_n 12356_10154307990620393_2932192012991666291_n


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