Boutique display in a closet (from a China cabinet!)

Last summer when Ryan and I were visiting his family at their shore house, we saw a china cabinet in their backyard and asked why it was out there.  They told us they were planning on throwing it out since they had just purchased two matching cabinets to replace this one.  As they were talking, […]

Linen Closet from a China Cabinet

I needed some additional space on my third floor (master bedroom and bathroom area) to hold odds and ends like linens, toilet paper, towels, soap, etc.  Our bathroom has a small sink with some storage underneath and the bedroom has a typical bi-fold accordion door closet with limited space.  No hall closets anywhere in the […]

St. Paddy’s Day

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I found this four leaf clover growing  with my peonies last summer and thought it would be a great photo for today. St. Paddy’s day makes me miss my  Irish maiden name and my family. My mom is a skilled bodhran player and occasionally plays with some local Irish folk […]

Oh, Hello!

Welcome to my website!  I’m Keely, project manager by day, Pinterest addict by night.  I love any sort of DIY project and have recently started buying old furniture from CraigsList and thrift shops to refinish for my house.  A few years ago, my job took me from a large apartment in Connecticut that fit lots […]